Sunday, April 30, 2017


Ahhh Museums. Beautiful spaces to see the concrete of the abstract of someone’s else’s mind and sometimes vice versa.
Always liked the whole experience. Just the realization as you are stepping in and becoming aware that this is just not an ordinary place is wondrous. You know the space, the architecture and the design have been carefully planned to create a sacred venue that will enhance the experience.

Elevated aesthetics that open our ability to perceive.

But that’s not all. There is one more thing that circulates in my mind though. That is the social interaction between the space, the art, and the people.  The whole kaleidoscope of the participants it’s such a dynamic spectacle. You got the art lovers, the pretend art lovers, the just lovers, the cultural pedigree seekers, the self-introspect seekers, the artist, the artist on the making, the tourists (some that love the exhibits and some that they just got to make the “I’ve been here” stop), the children with their parents or teachers  that sometimes they are having fun, sometimes they are mesmerized and sometimes they just keep on asking how much more will they be there, and so forth.

Just Happy to be present and see.

"Who's looking at who"
Royal Academy of the Arts 

 "Playful Mist 1"
Tate Modern

"Playful Mist 2"
Tate Modern

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