Monday, August 30, 2010

Is there anybody out there ??

Well, here it is.  My brand new, fresh, just out of the oven Blog! It took me quite some time to actually make the time to simply do it , but,  it is finally here.  This is it!!  my very own cyber space place to post all my most in-depth, profound, silly, circular, irrelevant, absurd, smart, stupid, creative, philosophical, contemplative, ridiculous, intelligent, quasi-inteligent, pseudo-intelligent and intelligent-less thoughts to share to the world...yiaiks!!!

Hopefully this forum will be entertaining, emotional and  thought provoking...Something better than.....mmmhhhh a  Fellini or Socrsese film.........or better yet ....lets just say that I have the feeling that this Blog will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.