Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last reflections on the land of the Druk

The sand clock has dropped the last grain and now its time for me to leave Bhutan. I take with me many fascinating memories of quite a unique and extraordinary place.  I am very glad to have come while the country still maintains the feeling and integrity of an under-exploited destination.

I came looking for something different and I believe I found it. Bhutan is in many senses a whole different world from the one that most  westerners know, and yet it makes you realize at the same time how similar we all are.
I will not forget the deeply peaceful feeling inside the temples with the unforgettable smell of ancient wood and burning incense while looking at the colorful pictorial and religious history. I was salivating like a Pavlovian dog to  take pictures there but it is simply not permitted since its considered disrespectful. 

I also enjoyed quite a  bit the interaction with young monks and nuns that although they are submerged in ancient traditions they are...well....just people...(of course) They like soccer, computers, cell phones and joking around...much more than what I imagined! 
I will encourage anyone  with an appetite for off the beaten track style of travel or simple world curiosity, to make a point to come here. It will not disappoint. 
Tashi Delek Bhutan.
Penis are considered signs of fertility and fortune. They are regularly displayed in the entrances of homes.


Early morning fog

Two reds in one big green

Children asking to have their picture taken (except one)

Young Monk on old stairs
Playing in water while mom works

I found a liking for shooting electric posts in rice fields


  1. mennnnnn!!!! this pics are A WE SO ME!!!!!!!!!!
    mencantaron! they're incredible...! my fav in this series is... Playing in water....!!! me gustan mucho ese tipo de fotografias! Two reds tambien es muy bella, pero no tiene el dinamismo de Plating in the water...
    Me pone muy contento ver que te esta yendo increible en el viaje, y creo que el mejor reflejo de eso es la ultima pic con todos en la escalera.

    shoot shoot shoot!!!


  2. Gracias J. Bhutan alucinante! Luego te mando los mini-clips de video .
    Muchos saludos a P. y a T.

    Un abrazo!